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Lead Financial Consultant

CEO of Mallett Coaching is a leading authority in the area of personal finance.  As a certified Personal Finance Coach, Jeffery lives what he teaches and shares his personal story to debt freedom with all those he meets. 

As a Lead Financial Coach, Jeffery provides one-on-one assistance to individuals and couples who are struggling with financial issues.  He has successfully helped his clients create a blueprint and develop strategies to take control of their finances.  Jeffery takes great joy in watching his clients lives transform for the better by eliminating credit cards, student loan debt, personal loans, car loans, and home mortgages. 

As word continues to spread about the personal coaching as well as the energetic power packed workshops Jeffery conducts many more have stepped up to get out of debt.  Jeffery's keep it simple philosophy allows those he coaches to create their dream life and to ensure a financial legacy for future generations.

LaKeisha MallettLaKeisha Mallett
Financial Strategist & Wealth Mindset Mentor

1/2 of the dynamic duo of Mallett Coaching is an experienced wealth and success coach, inspirational speaker and best selling author.  LaKeisha has been providing finance and personal development coaching services helping ordinary people experience extraordinary success in their life, business and finances.  LaKeisha knows "An in investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a Masters in Business Administration.

As a trained Finance and Personal Development Coach, LaKeisha understands firsthand the importance of financial literacy having been on both sides of the money equation.  She is confident that everyone she encounters can gain a new money mindset, create multiple streams of income and create the wealth they desire. 

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